What students are saying

"After a false start with a previous teacher, my daughter Ruth has been studying piano, voice, and music theory with Michelle Foster for a number of years. Over this time, Michelle has been an inspirational teacher. She focuses on the students individual abilities and needs to ensure they reach their potential, while at the same time making the lessons interesting and fun. She exudes charm and you can tell that Michelle really cares about her students and is prepared to 'go the extra mile'  for them. Ruth has gone from strength to strength under Michelle's tutelage; she has progressed well through all her grade examinations with excellent marks and now wishes to pursue a musical career. Moreover she has developed a real understanding and love of music which I hope will last her a lifetime. I would not hesitate in recommending Michelle as a music teacher."

Eleanor Anderson, 2016


"'Michelle has now taken me from a very nervous student at Grade 4 to a much more confident successful Grade 8 with Merit. Along the way I have also had the additional experience, with Michelle's considered guidance, of competing in the Glasgow Music Festival as a soloist and as part of a trio. Her performance workshops are also extremely useful in the development process. She is an outstanding teacher."

 Ruth Oliver, 2016


"I thought it would be fun to have a couple of singing lessons; here I am 3 years later having 'passed with merit' my Grade 4 singing exam and about to sit a music theory exam too!! I have had such enjoyment and satisfaction from my music lessons with Michelle! Whether it is for fun only or to work towards an exam (and there is no need to do this if it's not for you) Michelle teaches in a well-paced and appropriate manner. Informal workshops with a few other pupils, singing on my own and in a duet, have been really useful at helping me to overcome nerves singing in front of other people. All the pupils are on a journey and are very supportive of each other and I am looking forward to continuing this journey with Michelle."

Isbell Kelly, 2016


"Michelle's honest and friendly approach has really helped me gain confidence in my singing, with a great mix of tuition on both technical and performance aspects. Her workshops are a fantastic opportunity to meet and work with her other students - I never thought I'd be singing a Vivaldi duet!"

 Rachael Yates, 2016


"I am a working mum preparing for the empty nest stage of life. Having had a standalone singing lesson to learn about diaphragmatic breathing to help with my horse riding, I then embarked on regular lessons and loved learning about the technical aspects and improving my ability to sing. I wasn’t nearly as self conscious as I expected thanks to Michelle’s support and encouragement. When I discovered Michelle also taught piano, I decided to swap. My progress is “gentle” but I am surprised at how far I have come and how much I enjoy tootling with different tunes. Michelle is always keen to find what my goals are and then tailor my lessons to achieve them. I’m not interested in passing exams, just in learning to play more pieces, better. It certainly sharpens the brain and is incredibly satisfying!"

June Kelly, 2016

"Michelle is an excellent singing teacher. I have been receiving lessons from her for three years and in that time my confidence and singing technique have come on leaps and bounds. She helped me to pass my ABRSM singing performance diploma and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their singing and gain confidence!"

Jill Leavey, 2016